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About Us

Who are we?
BattleAxe is a small retail business specialising in plush, figures, collectibles, anime, manga and a variety of games. Our store is located in Kingston, Tasmania and aims to provide a safe, fun gaming environment. We provide tables and seating for gamers to come in and play at any time, as well as holding sanctioned events for card games. Our staff are all avid collectors and pop-culture enthusiasts, so you can be sure of expert advice regarding all of our products.

Our history
BattleAxe began as all game stores do: the dream of a gamer who wanted to share his passion with the world. In 2009, Ashley Kendall started up a small online business and began building a local community of gamers. In 2015, the opportunity to open a bricks-and-mortar store in Huonville arose, and the shop officially opened on February 16th. The store was so successful that the location became too small very quickly, and less than a year later BattleAxe moved to its current location in Kingston. Around the same time, BattleAxe won a $10,000 grant from Sensis for best customer service in Tasmania, which allowed it to expand its product range and create an even better environment for gamers. The store has continued to grow strongly in its new location.

Staff profiles

Ashley Kendall

Birthday: 02/08/1991

With a fairly laid-back personality, Ashley will play pretty much anything given half the chance. He particularly enjoys trading card games and specialises in the Pokémon Trading Card game- but he also likes table top games, board games, video games... you get the picture. Ashley is also a keen console gamer, with his forte lying in role playing and adventure games, while first person shooters remain a weakness due to his inability to aim at anything smaller than a whale.

Emma Pinferi

Birthday: 23/08/1993

Emma, better known as moltres93 online, is a hyper gamer and artist, and is also Ashley's fiancé. She mainly helps out with the graphics and web-design aspects of the store. Her interests include Moltres, Pokémon, internet memes, dinosaurs, fire, Transformers, phoenixes, dragons, other mythical creatures, yellow, potatoes, cheesecake, sushi, food in general, daffodils, Yoshi, movies, renewable energy, The Sims, ravens, red pandas, axolotls, panthers, nature, collecting things, Spyro the Dragon, music, drawing, panting, stand-up comedy, My Little Pony, sunny days, dusk, Photoshop, the beach and Portal, to name a few.