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Yu-Gi-Oh! Booster Box - Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants


Are you ready to smash face with the biggest monsters that ever existed?

If you loved watching massive monsters slug it out on the Yu-Gi-Oh! TV show, then Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants is the set for you. When you play sealed-pack style with Battle Pack 2, you will live and breathe a clash of the titans like you’ve never experienced before!

High-Level monsters have always been the biggest, most popular, and most famous monsters around, including the baddest monsters of them all, the three Egyptian God Cards! But despite all their power and their glory, the high Tribute costs of these monsters have always made them a risky strategy in tournament play.

War of the Giants finally brings these titans front and center, with a game environment designed specifically for them! You’ll quickly find that the land of the giants has its own laws of the jungle:

You’ll be able to Special Summon lower-Level monsters to help set things up, but the only way to get a goliath on the field is to obey the laws of nature, and Tribute Summon!

Effects that destroy cards are practically non-existent. Brush up on your battling skills, because if you want to get your opponent’s monster off the field, you have to beat it fair and square!

Wage war with your Spell and Trap selection. You’ll have secret weapons to tilt the battle in your favor – but so will your opponent! Is he bluffing? Should you bait out his Spells and Traps, then go in for the kill? Or launch a frontal assault to overwhelm his monsters? The choice is yours!

Each card in the War of the Giants has been carefully selected, and weighed against other cards in the set. The outcome of a Duel will depend on strategy and tactics. Get ready to test and improve your skills, in the ultimate Dueling challenge!

Just like the first Battle Pack, each pack of War of the Giants comes with 5 cards. You’ll get 1 Rare Card (with a glossy black card name) and 3 Common Cards, each chosen to fulfill a specific role in your Deck. Your fifth card will be a new type of shiny card called a Mosaic Rare. Your Mosaic Rare could be any card in the set, so it’s a true wild card.

SPECIAL NOTE: As befits their divine status, the three Egyptian God Cards are available only as Mosaic Rares! You won’t find them in your Rare or Common card slots.

Each box contains 36 5-card booster packs.

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